Past Undergraduate Studies Faculty Fellows

Formerly the Lilly Fellows

Cohort Project: "Making the Most of Class Time in a Digital World"

June Ahn, College of Information Studies and College of Education
Kaye Brubaker, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Jessica Enoch, English Department
Jason Farman, Department of American Studies
Robert Friedel, Department of History
Linda C. Macri, English Department
Marcio A. Oliveira, School of Public Health
Stephen Roth, Department of Kinesiology
Dylan Faulkner, Selterman Department of Psychology

2011 - 2012
Cohort Project: "Facilitating Implementation of the New Scholarship in Practice General Education Requirement"
Sarah Anne Balcom, Animal and Avian Sciences
Melissa Hayes-Gehrke, Astronomy
Rebecca Z. Kenemuth, College Park Scholars, Life Sciences
Sahar Khamis, Communication
Scott Roberts, Psychology
Kevin Roy, Family Science
Madlen Simon, Architecture
Allen Stairs, Philosophy
Richard Stewart, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Ronald A. Yaros, Journalism

2010 - 2011

Cohort Project: "Cultural Competence in General Education"
Valerie Anishchenkova, Arabic / SLLC
Richard Bell, HIST
Erve Chambers, Anthropology
Noah D. Drezner, Education Leadership, Higher Education, and International Education
Daniella Fridl, Department of Government and Politics
Sherick Hughes, EDCI
Roberta Z. Lavine, Spanish and Portuguese, SLLC
Meina Liu, Communication
Connie North, Education Leadership, Higher Education and International Education
Tony L Whitehead, Anthropology
Eric Zakim, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

2008 - 2009

Cohort Project: "Increasing academic rigor with controversial and complex problems"
Raghu Murtugudde, Atmospheric and Oceanic Science
Christy Tirrell-Corbin, Department of Human Development
Jessica (Jaime) Schultz, Kinesiology
Cinzia Cirillo, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Michelle Brooks, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Michael A Ambrose, Architecture
Byrn Booth (Boots) Quimby, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Frank Siewerdt, Animal and Avian Sciences
Audra Buck-Coleman, Art
Deborah Oakley, Architecture Program

2007 - 2008

Cohort Project: "Strategic Approaches to Achieving Transfer Student Excellence at the University of Maryland"
Barbara Jacoby, Center for Campus Life
Shenglin Chang, Plant Science & Landscape Architecture
Marvin W. Scott, Kinesiology
Penelope Koines, Biology
Robert T. Jackson, Nutrition and Food Science
Randy Ontiveros, English
Leslie Felbain, Theatre Janet Coffey, Curriculum and Instruction
Todd J. Cooke, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
David Hawthorne, Entomology

Cohort Project: "Going International: A Day of Answers"
Bonnie Dixon, Chemistry
Yelena Luckert, Libraries
Edgar Moctezuma, Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics
Karen Patterson, Libraries
Gabriele Strauch, School of Language, Literatures, and Cultures
Lindsay Yotsukura, School of Language, Literatures, and Cultures

2005 - 2006
Cohort Project: "The Living Document (a wiki)"
Lilly Griner, Libraries
Peter Beicken, Languages, Literatures, and Cultures
Marcia Marinelli, Learning Assistance Services
Joe Redish, Physics
Laura Rosenthal, English
Maryann McDermott Jones, Chemistry
Philip Silvey, Music
Susan White, Finance
Glenn Schiraldi, Public and Community Health
Ricardo Medina, Civil and Environmental Engr.

2003 - 2004
Cohort Project: "Building Student-Faculty Connections"
Leah Waks, Communication
Gregory Baecher, Civil & Environmental Engr.
Geraldine Foudy, Campus Libraries
Steven  Gabriel, Civil and Environmental Engr.
Robert Gaines, Communication
Cheryl Holcomb-McCoy, Counseling & Personnel Svs.
Peter Mallios, English
Ann Smith, Cell Biology & Molec. Genetics
Bret Smith, Music
Debra  Suarez, EDCI

2002 - 2003Cohort Project: "University Learning"
Linda Aldoory, Communication
Ahmet Aydilek, Civil & Environmental Engineering
Ruth Fassinger, Counseling & Personnel Svs.
Evan Golub, Computer Science
Judith Hallett, Classics
Martin Heisler, Government & Politics
Donna Howard, Public   & Community Health
Jeffrey Jensen, Biology
William Stricklin, Animal   & Avian Sciences
Lois Vietri, Government & Politics

2001 - 2002
Cohort Project: "Mentoring"
Carol Burbank, Theatre
Richard Cross, English Diane Harvey, Libraries
Michael P. Hewitt, Music
Bruce B. Jarvis, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Joelle Presson, Biological Sciences
Ana Patricia Rodriguez, School of Language, Literatures, and Cultures
Richard Walker, School of Language, Literatures, and Cultures

2000 - 2001

Cohort Project: "Teaching Evaluations"
Jonathan Auerbach, English
Evelyn T. Beck, Women ’s Studies
Samuel Kerstein, Philosophy
Sandy Kita, Art History and Archaeology
Elisa L. Klein, Human Development
Roxanne Lefkoff-Hagius, Marketing
Karen M. O’Brien, Psychology
Scot Reese, Theatre
John B. (Jack) Sullivan, Natural Resources Science
Katerina V. Thompson, Life Sciences

Cohort Project: "A Teaching Academy (AETL)"
Francis B. Alt, Business
Arjang Assad, Business
Carmen Coustaut, Theatre
Geoffrey Dahl, Animal Science
Allison Druin, Human Development
Frances Gulick, Mathematics
Hugh Lee, Classics
Lindley Vann, Architecture
Mark A. Varner, Animal and Avian Science
Emily H. van Zee, Curriculum and Instruction

1998 - 1999
Cohort Project: "Undergraduate Research Day"
Judith N. Freidenberg, Anthropology
Albert H. Gardner, Human Development
Bruce Golden, Management
Shirley Wilson Logan, English
Leigh Ryan, English
Eric A. Seagren, Civil Engineering
David C.  Theison, Astronomy
Corey G. Washington, Philosophy
Andrew D. Wolvin, Communication
Steve M. Barkin, Journalism

1997 - 1998
Cohort Project: "Town Hall with Undergraduates"
Philip DeShong, Chemistry
Jane Donawerth, English
Susan Gdovin, Microbiology
Samir Khuller Computer Science
Susan J. Leonardi, English
J. Randy McGinnis, Curriculum and Instruction
Glenn E. Moglen, Civil Engineering
John Pease, Sociology
Don Pope-Davis, Counseling and Personnel Services
Nan Bernstein Ratner, Hearing and Speech

1996 - 1997
David Bigio, Mechanical
Neil Davidson, Curriculum and Instruction
Sharon Gerstel, Art History
Meredith J. Gill, Art History
Karen R. Harris, Special Education
Ruth Lozner, Art
George Marakas, Business
Scott McGinnis, Asian and East European Languages
Robin Sawyer Health
Jose L. Torero Fire Protection

1995 - 1996
Jerome Dancis, Mathematics
Elizabeth Loizeaux, English
Wayne McIntosh, Government and Politics
Phylis Moser-Veillon, Nutrition and Food Science
Kent Norman, Psychology
Sally Promey, Art-History
Allen Stairs, Philosophy
Gregory Staley, Classics
Charles Sternheim, Psychology
Barbara Thorne, Entomology
Angelina Yee, Hebrew and East Asian Languages

1994 - 1995
Cohort Project: "Departmental Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching"
Bernard Cooperman, History
Richard Cross, English
Denny Gulick, Mathematics
Cynthia Martin, Asian and East European Languages
Phyllis B. Peres, Spanish and Portuguese
Sangeeta Ray, English
Charles Stangor, Psychology
Robert Yuan, Microbiology
Anne Warren, Dance

1993 - 1994
Cohort Project: "Teaching Matters: A Day Long Campus Conversation"

Spencer Benson, Microbiology
Patrick Craig, Art
Patti P. Gillespie, Theatre
Bruce R. James, Agronomy
Marilee Lindemann, English
John O’Flahavan, Curriculum and Instruction
Jo Paoletti, American Studies
Richard Racusen, Plant Biology
Charles Schwartz, Civil Engineering
Gabriele Strauch, Germanic and Slavic Languages
Ronald Terchek, Government and Politics

1992 - 1993
Peter Afflerbach, Curriculum and Instruction
Erve Chambers, Anthropology
Anthony Colantuono, Art History
Vincent Marando, Government & Politics
Eileen McLellan, Geology
Robert Ridky, Geology

1991 - 1992
Patrick Kangas, Agriculture
Seung Kyung Kim, Women ’s Studies
Katie King, Women ’s Studies
Jason Kuo, Art History
David Yager, Psychology

1990 - 1991
Roberta Lavine, Spanish & Portuguese
Margaret Palmer, Zoology

1989 - 1990
Kent Cartwright, English
Sheri Parks, American Studies
Mary C. Sies, American Studies
Gerald S. Wilkinson, Zoology