The Student Success Office, which currently hosts workshops and a reading group, has expanded and reorganized the workshop series! Introducing the Advisor Learning Network (ALN). ALN will offer a series of workshops each semester organized around different themes. ALN will expand upon the professional development opportunities offered by the Undergraduate Advising Conference. Please click on the box for each group below.
New workshop schedule details are posted below each box.

The Advisor Reading Group provides the opportunity for advisors to read and discuss the most recent literature on student development, trends in higher education and students’ success in order to inform advising practices and programs. Check back for details.

Check back for details

The Hot Topics in Advising Group will serve as an avenue to highlight current issues in higher education. Please check back for additional information.

The Management Group serves as an avenue to discuss best practices for leadership and team development in higher education administration. This group is primarily focused on the jump from advisor to administrator, but all are welcome to attend.

Check back for additional info.

The Policy and Practice Group will serve as an avenue to review and update the advising community on existing and new/updated policies on campus.

Reenrollment Updates
Thursday, October 21st
1:00 pm - 2:00 pm
Online - Zoom
RSVP: Register
This session will go over the updated website, discuss changes to the application process and discuss some reenrollment basics.

The Terp Restoration Group serves as an avenue to discuss best practices among advisors who work with students who are at risk (e.g. below 2.3 GPA) or are on academic probation.

In a Crisis? Who Ya Ganna Call: The Conflict Resolvers Network!
Tuesday, October 19th
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
Online - Zoom

Conflict Resolvers Network is a great support resource for advisors dealing with academic, student and professional concerns. Come learn about the services this network offers and how advisors can better partner with them. We encourage you to review the Conflict Resolvers Network site prior to the session to familiarize yourself with this network.

Check back for additonal information.

Accessible Entrance for H.J. Patterson: loading dock entrance facing campus drive - there is a chair lift. Upon using it and entering the building, veer to the left and then room 1102 will be immediately to your right.

map of HJ Patterson building

Accessible Entrances for Marie Mount
Map of Marie Mount 1310A or 1310B

1. Accessible Entrance #1: Rear entrance facing Chapel Lane- upon entering the building, veer left and head towards Elevator #2 (you are on Level M, take the elevator to Level L)
2. Accessible Entrance #2: Side entrance facing Skinner Building, near loading dock - upon entering the building, veer right, do not use Elevator #1, turn right down long hallway until you see Elevator #2 (you are on Level 1, take the elevator to Level L)

Maryland Room

3. Accessible Entrance #3: Underneath front entrance stairs facing McKeldin Mall - access via sidewalk on the left side of the stairs. Upon entering the building, at the hallway intersection, turn left, Maryland Room will be immediately in front of you.